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Professional development team can provide OEM and ODM processing, welcome to map, sample, call us. We will be happy to help you!

Customized new backpack

Customized new backpack

Bookbag customization factory,Wholesale bags

Bookbag customization factory...

Sheepskin bundle pocket,Leather storage bag

Sheepskin bundle pocket,Leath...

Kindergarten schoolbag customized

Kindergarten schoolbag customi...

vikey handbag factory designs and manufactures multifunctional pet bags

vikey handbag factory designs ...

Outdoor ice pack custom|New lunch bag wholesale

Outdoor ice pack custom|New lu...

New leather bag customization, sheepskin bag wholesale, high-end handbag factory

New leather bag customization,...

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Shenzhen VIKEY Leather Handbag Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 with a registered capital of 1 million yuan. It is a general taxpayer enterprise after being verified by the government authorities. It can open VAT invoices for customers. The factory is located in the beautiful Pinghu Town Phoenix Mountain National Mine Park, with an elegant environment. Baidu and Gaode maps can directly navigate the “Wiki handbag factory”. There are train stations and bus stations nearby. The Shuangyong Street adjacent to the factory is under construction. After 2020, the subway will reach our company in a few minutes, and the traffic is very convenient. Weiqi Handbag Factory is located close to the South China City, a large industrial raw material base in the Pearl River Delta. It is very convenient to purchase materials and shorten the precious time for customers.



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