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Industry information

Small knowledge of leather and handbag industry

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In the past 2020, due to the impact of the general environment, all kinds of bags and handbags have been reduced. Many of them can‘t support it, and those who can maintain it will lose money or even, while a few of them can make money. We can get the data from several aspects

First, looking for workers in the labor market;

Second, the position and salary standard required by the employer;

Third, we should see how many factories are fighting at night;

Fourth, all kinds of negative news and the boss run away;

Fifth, visit wholesale market and raw material market;

Sixth, from the international market analysis and so on. With these conditions, it is not difficult to see the situation of the luggage and handbag market last year, which makes people question whether it is necessary to open a factory or a company to reduce or close the factory? Therefore, quite a number of people in the industry have made rectification in this respect. It is of course the best that they can support and make profits. The companies and factories that really make money can also be counted. Even the enterprises that have done a lot earlier are faced with the same situation. The prices are more transparent, so that a considerable part of the external customers understand the product prices and the profits are pressed again and again, while our prices and labor costs are lower It didn‘t drop, on the contrary, all aspects of expenditure soared! What does the conceivable result mean? A sigh!

Market trends:

1E-commerce: today, a large number of e-commerce companies are lying down, a large number of e-commerce companies are rising, and a large number of e-commerce companies are painting cakes to satisfy their hunger! Maybe some people want to refute that there is nothing to hide. If they want to make a breakthrough in e-commerce, what are their own conditions? Capital chain, network team, experts in pushing hands, excellent products, high cost performance, strong applicability, good popularization prospect and so on. With this kind of capital, it is estimated that it can also make a name for itself. Combining with its own actual situation, it can work out its own main direction and goal. Naturally, e-commerce can also do it. The payment platform is just a platform, which can‘t help you. It has to be manipulated by itself. If someone says that it‘s good to have a payment platform, let me say that it‘s not completely correct. If it‘s so simple, it can succeed, There are so many employees in the platform who have been working independently for a long time. In terms of China‘s social circle, an employee can work with his family, classmates and friends, and then these three aunts and six aunts can work all over the world! If everyone succeeds, who doesn‘t? No one is unsuccessful!

2Talent: at present, there are not many training institutions with real strength in this industry. If I want to become a competent expert or an elite in a certain position from a novice, it is not possible in three or two days. It took me more than ten years to master the comprehensive technology of the handbag industry. Last week, I went to a factory with several years old. Its strength was OK. Its technical content and management ability were not bad. For a tympanic paperboard with folded edges, the factory workers sprayed glue and folded it by hand, and there were bamboo shovels on the table. They couldn‘t use it. But I saw the bamboo shovels that I had seen before. They didn‘t work. I pushed seven or eight of them reluctantly, and let the workers do it, but the workers still couldn‘t do it One end of the ear is round, and the other end is fixed on the big body. One end of the circle is required to be folded smoothly, and it can be finished after stopping at most. One person can make 1000 pieces a day. As a result, it took three people half a day to make more than 100 pieces. I was thinking about a question: is manual work free? The technical level of workers determines the efficiency and quality of the enterprise! Plate room master is also very important, the paper grid is not only to be able to make bags without problems, but also to take into account the cutting and cost, also have to consider the production process of large goods, to make production smooth, can‘t make a few processes especially difficult to do, leading to production line stuck, low efficiency.

3Management: management is about time. Production must have a monthly plan, weekly plan and daily plan, not a loud voice. It is based on the reasonable arrangement of smooth operation. According to the material warehousing situation, it can schedule the actual production capacity of the site. It is estimated before receiving the order. The estimation must rely on technology as the basis, otherwise it is empty talk That is to say lies with open eyes and promise that the delivery date of the guests can‘t be completed at all. Being a guest, losing a guest, and finally looking for new guests every day. We also need to understand that it is not a problem to find new customers for experienced business, but it is a problem to maintain a good customer talent, just like it is easy to open a factory but difficult to keep it. Management should consider the whole and control the whole situation!

4Brand: to make a brand, you have to apply for a trademark first. It costs about 2000 yuan to find an agent. You can register 10 items, and each additional item will be charged. Secondly, it‘s difficult to make your own products to form a brand. At present, the style in people‘s mind depends on the big brands first. It‘s still difficult for new brands to enter the hearts of the public. There‘s a long way to go. It needs to burn a lot of money to advertise, and it also needs to accumulate customers and reputation for a long time. Therefore, we analyze from here that it‘s really not easy to make a brand, and it‘s even more difficult to penetrate into the bones of consumers! It is estimated that a brand that can make money is a good brand, but how long can this behavior last? How many century old stores have you seen in China‘s handbag industry? How far can a brand go? Unique style, price positioning, material selection, market research, analysis and summary, trial feedback, re marketing, marketing mode, etc

5Design: at first, people bought bags just for the convenience of carrying and putting things, such as schoolbags, travel bags, tool kits, etc. Later, there were many good-looking styles, and the handbag became a fashion item, not only to put personal belongings, but also to enhance their temperament. With the improvement of people‘s living standards, many people have played outdoors and innovated many outdoor products, such as waterproof bags, mountaineering bags, cycling backpacks, etc. Later, in order to distinguish themselves from the public, the rich made their handbags a luxury. They went to the masters to make high-end customized ostrich skin, crocodile skin, boa skin, antelope skin, all kinds of valuable materials, 18 karat gold hardware accessories, and even diamonds, in order to show their identity and taste.


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